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Quiz1: :Transition elements
Quiz2:The periodic table and transition elements
Quiz3:The periodic table and transition elements
Quiz5:The electronic configuration of The first transition series
Quiz6:The properties of The First Transition Series
Quiz7:The properties of The First transition series
quiz8 chapter1:The electronic configuration of The main transition elements
quiz1 :chemical analysis
Quiz2:chemical analysis  How to detect the Anions of Dil. HCl group 
Quiz3:chemical analysis :detection of anions of H2SO4 conc.
Quiz1:chemical equilibrium
Quiz2:chemical equilibrium
The Galvnic cell quiz 1
The Galvnic cell quiz 2
The Galvnic cell quiz 3
The Galvanic Cell and The Electrolytic Cell quiz 4
The Galvanic cell and electrolytic cell quiz 5
quiz1:Organic chemistry and organic compounds
Quiz2:iz 1:rganic chemistry - Alkanes
Quiz 3: organic chemistry - Alkanes 
Quiz 4: organic chemistry - Alkenes and Alkynes 
Quiz 5: Organic chemistry - Alkenes and Alkynes
Quiz 6: Organic chemistry: Alkenes and Alkynes quiz
Quiz 7: organic chemistry -Cyclic Hydrocarbons quiz 7
Quiz 8: organic chemistry: Cyclic Hydrocarbons
Hydrocarbon derivatives and alcohols quiz 9
organic chemistry quiz 10:Hydrocarbons derivatives and alcohols
Organic chemistry quiz 11:Chemical properties of alcohols. and Detection of phenol.
organic chemistry quiz 12:Chemical properties of alcohols. To : Detection of phenol
Organic Chemistry Quiz 13: Carboxylic Acids
Organic Chemistry Quiz 14: Carboxylic Acids And Phenols
organic chemistry quiz 16: esters
chemistry: Exp. test