Science for primary 4th Final revision for primary 4

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Science for primary  primary 4 first term

1)Write the scientific term:

  1. It’s a property by which a bat can locate its prey <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">insects</a> through the sound reflected from them.
  2. It’s the object that allows light to pass through it.
  3. They’re the materials that allow light to pass through.
  4. It’s the process in which two objects crash into each other.
  5. They’re the characteristics that help living organisms survive and reproduce.
  6. It’s the force exerted when objects rub against each other.
  7. It’s an object that allows light to pass through it.
  8. It’s a type of adaptation that helps the animals hide
  9. The force that is exerted when objects rub against each other and it is a force that opposes motion.
  10. The time taken by an organism’s body to respond to danger.
  11. They are ants that are responsible for finding food.
  12. It’s the body’s main control center
  13. They are ants that are responsible for finding food

 2)Complete these sentences with words between brackets

1- If a plant is living in desert, its roots are ______________________

(long and thick-weak and short)

2-The system which is responsible for reflexes is the ……..  systern.


3- Objects fall on the ground because of.             


4-Any static object lying at a height from Earth’s surface has                <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">energy</a>.         

(thermal- potential)

3) Complete using the words:

(structural-colored scales-whale-reflection)

1- A panther chameleon has ___________  to hide and hunt.

2- A ______________ communicates by singing.

3- The thin layer existing in the eyes of nocturnal animals is an example of            adaptation.

4) Complete using the words below:


1-During _____________ process, the diaphragm relaxes.

2-The forces that act on a static object and cause its motion are _________   forces.

3-Dolphins have a super sense of            


1-The form of <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">energy</a> that can be seen is          

2-If the <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">mass</a> of an object decreases, this means that its kinetic <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">energy</a> __________

3-A dolphin has a sharp sense of             

4-Fireflies communicate with each other by producing               

5-The nervous system of mammals consists of the brain,nerves and

6-Fireflies produce ___________.inside their bodies that allows them to communicate.

7-Batteries have <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">potential energy</a> in the form of stored               

8-The white fur of the polar bear helps it______________ with the ice habitat.

9 -The moving car is being slowed down by a force called ____________ force.

10- The         <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">energy</a> is a stored <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">energy</a> or the <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">energy</a> of position.

11-Bats use the___________property to find their food, but acacia trees warn the other nearby acacia trees from animals by sending  __________ massages in the air.

12-Ants use their sense of_____________to communicate with each other.

13-Chemical <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">energy</a> is a form of__________energy, but light <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">energy</a> is a form of_________energy.

14-__________And are from the safety equipment of cars during collisions.

15-On running and doing effort, the rate of your breath             

16- __________is one of the safety means in a car.

17-             is the ability to do work.

18-Fireflies communicate by___________

19-An Arctic fox has __________.ears to help it stay warm.

20- The spinal cord belongs to the__________system.

21- The force that pulls things down to the ground is                 

22- The form of <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">energy</a> that can be seen is __________energy.

23- The leaves of    trees look like your hand.

24- The human body uses the       system to get nutrients from food.

25-    is one of the safety equipment which are used in cars.

26-When the <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">speed</a> of a car increases,its      <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">energy</a> increases.

(5) Complete using the words between brackets:


1-Gills are found on both sides of the fish’s              

2- The eye is the sensory organ that is affected by              

3-A                 has the biggest engine.

4- Collision between moving objects always produces                 <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">energy</a>

5-The_                  processes and interprets information.

 (spinal cord     –  brain)

6-Which of the following surfaces reflects light better?


7-              force helps objects to fall towards the ground.


8-When the push force applied on an object on a flat road increases,

(<a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">potential energy</a> of the object increases-kinetic <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">energy</a> of the object increases)

9- Bats can hunt <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">insects</a> at night depending on _______

(their strong sense of vision-the echo)

10- The eyes send messages to the through the nerves.

    (brain-spinal cord)

11-The fat layer under the animal’s skin to warm it is considered a      adaptation.     

(structural- behavioral)

12- The organ that is responsible for sight is the. 


13- When the <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">speed</a> of an object increases, its_energy increases.


14- The is a tube that has muscles to move the food down into the stomach.


15- When an electric lamp is turned on,<a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">energy</a> is produced.


6)Complete using (brain- Carton-sharp spines- Gravity):

1- Acacia trees have a __________ round their leaves to protect them if an animal tries to eat them.

2-__________is an opaque object.

3-            force makes objects fall towards the Earth.

4 -The ____________ is considered the control center of the body..

7)Correct the underlined words:

1 The spinal cord is the main control organ in the body.

2 Matter is the force which pulls objects down towards the Earth.

3 Opaque objects allow light to pass through them.

8)Cross out the odd word:

1-Penguin-Polar bear-Agama lizard-Arctic fox

2-The Sun-The moon-Fire-Candle

3-Bats-Fireflies-A blind person’s cane-Dolphins

4-Guitar – Flashlight- Radio-Alarm

5-Saliva-Stomach – Esophagus-Small intestine

6-Spinal cord-Lungs-Nerves-Brain

7-Fishing cats-Owls-Dolphins

8-Bats- Fireflies-Dolphins

9-Sound energy-Light energy-Electrical energy-Thermal <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">energy</a>

10-Light energy-Sound energy-Thermal energy-Chemical <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">energy</a>


12-Stomach-Diaphragm-Large intestine-Esophagus

13-Air- Water-Wood-Glass

14-Lungs-Alveoli- Gills-Diaphragm

15-Brain-Lungs-Nerves-Spinal cord

16-Owls-Fishing cats-Bull sharks-Bats


9)Put (or (x):

  1. Bats use their sense of smell to avoid danger.
  2. Fennec foxes live in deserts,while caracals live in forests.
  3. The sharp spines protect barbary figs from hungry animals.
  4. The moon is considered a light source.
  5. <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">Energy</a> is the ability to do work.
  6. A water lily survives in salt water.
  7. <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">Energy</a> doesn’t change from one form to another.
  8. The airbag is one of the safety equipment in cars.
  9. Gravity force slows down the <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">speed</a> of an object.                               
  10. the inhaled air contains oxygen gas.
  11. Agama lizards blend in with the green,huge trees to hide from their enemies.
  12. The hearing sense in dolphins is stronger than that in humans. ( )
  13. Light reflection depends on the smoothness of the surfaces. ( )
  14. Unbalanced forces cause a change in the position of an object.( )
  15. Speed= Time÷ Distance ()
  16. <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">Energy</a> is the ability to do work.
  17. Nocturnal animals have eyes larger than humans.
  18. The wood is a transparent material used in making eyeglasses.( )
  19. They’re air sacs surrounded by blood vessels in the respiratory system.
  20. It’s the sense used to differentiate between smooth and rough surfaces.
  21. It’s a form of <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">potential energy</a> that causes objects to rush towards Earth’s surface.
  22. Any moving object has a form of <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">energy</a> known as light <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">energy</a>.
  23. In an electric fan, the electrical <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">energy</a> changes into kinetic <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">energy</a>. 
  24. The fennec fox has short ears.
  25. <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">Potential energy</a> is the <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">energy</a> of a moving body.     
  26. Light travels in straight lines. 
  27. Exhausts from cars and factories don’t affect people’s health. 
  28. The reflexes are fast messages you are barely aware of. 
  29. A large vehicle causes more damage as it hits the small vehicle with the same <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">speed</a>. 
  30. The force of gravity is the force that pulls the objects downward.
  31. All animals have the ability to see at night.
  32. If the brain cannot recognize a code, it can.translate this code. 
  33. The object moves at a great <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">speed</a> if it is pushed by a great force.
  34. When the car stops suddenly, your body moves backward.
  35. <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">Speed</a> transfers when collision occurs between a ball and a bat.
  36. A part of the kinetic <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">energy</a> is converted into sound <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">energy</a> during collision. 
  37. Soldier ants communicate by sending smelly messages when in danger.
  38. A fennec fox live in a polar region.    
  39. The sense of hearing of dolphins is stronger than that of humans.
  40. <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">Energy</a> is the ability to do work.
  41. Static objects move when they are affected by balanced forces.
  42. The kinetic <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">energy</a> of an object decreases when its <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">speed</a> decreases.
  43. Writing is a way of communication between animals. 
  44. <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">Energy</a> is not destroyed,but it changes from one form to another.
  45. In order for the code to be translated, the brain must identify lt. 
  46. When a pen falls down from your hand,the acting force is the gravity force.
  47. The respiratory system is responsible for the entry of air into the body.()
  48. In Newton’s cradle, the kinetic <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">energy</a> of the moving balls increases as time passes.
  49. The moon is a source of light 
  50. When a roller coaster slides down, the kinetic <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">energy</a> increases. 
  51. Nocturnal animals become active in the morning to look for their food.
  52. Transparent objects don’t allow light to pass through.
  53. A fennec fox feeds on fruits only.
  54. <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">Potential energy</a> is a form of stored <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">energy</a>.
  55. <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">Thermal energy</a> is a type of kinetic <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">energy</a>.
  56. The large intestine absorbs fat from waste. (
  57. Penguins can stand on ice all day.
  58. A static object at the top of the ramp has no kinetic <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">energy</a>.
  59. Sound and light energies transfer in the air in the form of waves.(
  60. Adaptation does not help living organisms survive.
  61. Unbalanced forces cause the motion of objects.
  62. Nocturnal animals have bigger eyes than human’s eyes.
  63. If you took a bus and stopped suddenly on the road, your body will move backward.
  64. The ear is the sensory organ responsible for seeing objects.
  65. The respiratory system is responsible for the entry of air into the body.
  66. Because of the seatbelt,the driver cannot see the road clearly.
  67. The chemical <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">potential energy</a> in the car fuel is converted into kinetic <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">energy</a>.
  68. The diaphragm helps in the processes of inhalation and exhalation.
  69. Friction force acts in the same direction of motion of the object.
  70. When a collision happens between two objects,they exchange their energies.          
  71. Communication and information transfer occur only in humans.
  72. Desert plants are characterized by their big leaves.
  73. The diaphragm contracts and moves upward during inhalatin.
  74. Kapok trees have buttress roots.
  75. The battery stores chemical <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">energy</a>.
  76. A rocket Is affected by balanced forces, so it can move away from Earth  
  77. Airbags inflate automatically when the in cars detect a crash.
  78. Animals that are active during the daytime are called nocturnal animals.
  79. Eyes are considered sensory organs of light, not as sources of light.
  80. Gravity pulls objects upward.
  81. Unbalanced forces cause a change in the object’s position.

10)Choose the correct answer:

1)When we turn on a television, ….._and_…….energies are produced.




d.solar- light

2)A very big truck needs ____   to move.

a.a very small engine     

b.a small engine

c.a very big engine     

d.no engine

3) A polar climate                 

a.is the hottest place on Earth   

b. is the coldest place on Earth

c.looks like the desert climate   

d.looks like the forest climate

4)The <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">speed</a> of an object is measured in …….  or meters per second.

a.kilometers per hour        

b.grams per second

c.hours per kilometer

d.kilometers per kilogram

11)Choose the correct answer:

1-The characteristic of the panther chameleon’s eyes is considered       adaptation(s).

(a structural- a behavioral – both structural and behavioral-neither structural nor behavioral)

2-The nervous system of consists of brain,spinal cord and nerves, such as elephants and dogs.             


3-Which of the following organs work together to see different objects?

(Nose and brain-Eyes and brain-Ears and brain- Tongue and brain)

4-What is the force used to kick a ball by foot?


5-The force that exists between a moving car and the ground on which it moves and that is opposite to the motion of the car is known as the .

    (push force-electrical energy-magnetic energy-friction force)

6-All the following are from the components of the nervous system, except the              

a.spinal cord  




7-By increasing the <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">mass</a> of an object,its kinetic <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">energy</a>



c.doesn’t changed.  

d)is destroyed

8-……… is considered a behavioral adaptation in panther chameleons.

a.The v-shaped feet    

b.The v-shaped feet 

c.Each eye moving independently

d. The colored scales of its skin

9-Chemical <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">energy</a> is stored in the

a.food only  

b.battery only 

c.food and TV  

d.food and battery

10-When you move something towards you,this represents

a.pushing force

b. light <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">energy</a>  

c.pulling force 

d.sound <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">energy</a>

11- When an object is in motion,this means that its_changes.





12-The  help(s) the fish obtain dissolved oxygen in the water.


b. lungs   



13-The deliver(s) food from the pharynx to the stomach.





14-Carton and wood are ………. materials.





15-A penguin’s feet have blood vessels that bring …….  up.

a.warm blood  

b.cold blood   

c.warm water   

d.cold water

16-………can sing underwater to communicate.

a.Bull sharks

b.Humpback whales 


d. Salamanders

17-……. is an animal that has the ability to turn its head in all directions.





18- <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">energy</a> affects the sensory receptors in the eyes causing vision.

a. Sound    

b. Kinetic   



19- All the following are pulling forces,except

a.kicking a ball

b.lifting up a ball

c.pulling the rope

d. gravity

20-Animals communicate with each other through




d.sound and light

21-Digestion of food starts in the                     


b. lungs      

c. mouth     

d. stomach

22-The extra large of a fennec fox allow(s) heat to escape and cool(s) the fox.


b. face   

c. ears   


23-protects the driver from moving forward in a collision.

a.glass window   

b. dashboard    



24-When an object is moving faster, it has     <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">energy</a>.

a.the same


c. less     


25-To slow down the <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">speed</a> of a Shockwave truck, the drivers use parachutes.          


26-A panther chameleon uses its    like a hand.





27-Motion is any change in the relative to a fixed starting point.





28-The <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">speed</a> of the train that covered 400 m in 2 seconds equals                 m/sec.





29-Both acacia trees and kapok trees have the same          


b. shape     



30-forces cause the movement of static objects.


b. Unbalanced


d. Equal

31-Panting in fennec foxes belong to_adaptation(s).



c.both behavioral and structural   

d.neither structural nor behavioral

32- The force that is used to kick a ball with your legs is a_force.





33-By increasing the <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">speed</a> of an object,its ……… <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">energy</a> increase(s).



c.potential and kinetic    


34-Raising your thumb up or lowering it down is a kind of                 


35-You have the greatest <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">potential energy</a> when you are standing at a height of         


36- …….is one of the behavioral adaptations thathelps an animal protect itself from enemies.


37-All the following are from the components of the nervous system,except the_.    

(spinal cord-heart-brain-nerves)

38-which of them is an opaque object and which is a transparent one?

(wood – air – clear glass )

39-Raising your thumb up or lowering it down is a kind of                 



C. waves      


40-A bat is a    animal.





41-When a moving car stops suddenly, the passenger’s body moves to the direction.





41-The <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">speed</a> of a car that travels 100 meters in 5 seconds is m/s.





42- Bats are     animals.





43–             is the ability to do work.





44-All the following are components of the nervous system,except

a.the spinal cord

b.the heart             

c.the nerves       

d.the brain

45-The chemical <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">energy</a> stored in batteries is considered a form of     

a.potential <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">energy</a>

b.kinetic <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">energy</a>

c.heat <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">energy</a>

d.light <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">energy</a>

46- Oxygen gets into the lungs during the  process.


47- You could determine how high the sound is by the of the sound.

(type-pitch-style- echo)

48-The………….. system is responsible for the digestion of food.

(respiratory-digestive-nervous- circulatory)

49 – The stored <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">energy</a> inside an object is called <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">energy</a>.


50- The  system i responsible for supplying the body with oxygen and getting rid of carbon dioxide gas.


b. respiratory 



51- Light rays scatter when they reflect from           

a.the lenses of glasses   

b. a metallic surface

c.a mirror

d. a wooden board

52- When a car moves down a hill,

a.potential <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">energy</a> changes to kinetic <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">energy</a>

b.kinetic <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">energy</a> changes to <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">potential energy</a>

C.no <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">energy</a> change happens

d.the car doesn’t have <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">energy</a> at all.

53-All the following are organs of the respiratory system, except the




d.large intestine

54- The chemical <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">energy</a> stored in batteries is considered a form of  ………. <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">energy</a>.





55-By increasing the_,kinetic <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">energy</a> increases.





56-Rising a thumb up or lowering it down is a kind of               





57- Fish breathe oxygen gas dissolved in water through their


58-………. is one of the opaque objects that doesn’t allow light to pass through.        

(Glass-Air-Water- Carton paper)

59- All the following from the components of the nervous system,except the         

(spinal cord-heart-nerves-brain)

60-Objects fall down towards the Earth’s center by the force of                

(gravity-pushing-friction- pull and push)

61- The presence of thick white fur is an adaptation in                         

a.starred agama lizards

b. polar bears

c.fennec foxes      

d.forest bears

62- Fish use their to breathe in water.





63- When the objects collide with each other,    is transferred between them.

a.time     b.distance   c.energy   d.nothing

63- What force do you use to kick a ball with your leg?





12)Give a reason for:

1-None of the light <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">energy</a> passes through the opaque bjects.

2-The body of a chameleon is covered with colored scales.

3-You can see clearly through your lenses

4-Fishing cats can hunt their prey in darkness.

5-Fishing cats have the ability to see in the dark because of the presence of….

6-Some types of lizards that live in rocky areas have colorful scales

7-Why are some animals able to see in the dark?

8-A jerboa has long, hind legs

13)What happens if:

1-Your foot touches a nail on the ground?

2-The diaphragm contracts and moves downward?

3-The food in a colony is low?

4-The jerboas’ legs are all short?

5- A boy on a bike stops pedaling?

6- Bats cannot use the echolocation property?

7-Balanced forces act on a static object?

8- You place an opaque object between a light source and a wall?

9- Light falls on a shiny, smooth surface like a mirror?

[14] Different types of questions

1-Calculate the <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">speed</a> of a train that covers 500 kilometers in 5 hours.

2- Determine the type of adaptation (structural) or (behavioral):

The panther chameleon puffs its body with air to appear bigger in size.

3- Write the name of:

-An animal that can turn its head in all directions.

4-What is the type of adaptation?

Tan-colored fur of fennec foxes

5- Acacia trees have very long roots to search for water.

Mention the type of adaptation

6- Mention the type of adaptation in bird immigration.

7-What is the <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">speed</a> of a train that travels 400 kilometers in 2 hours?

8-What is the kind of <a href="https://gogoacademy.net/science-prep-1-final-revision/">energy</a> inside an object ready to do work?




























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